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Holly Peppin Kusterer

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Who am I?

Good question. Depends on the day.

Originally from the beautiful state of Connecticut, born into a family with, as we say, the"too much" gene. Doing something 100% is never acceptable - there's always a way to make it better, bigger, more sparkly, and more amazing! Anything less, and I feel like I haven't done my job.


I am a very proud mom of two amazing children, and happily married to the love of my life. My life journey eventually led me to Denver, Colorado, and I have happily called it home for over 15 years.

And no, you never get tired of looking at those mountains!

I immersed myself into the crafting world, working at Michael's Arts & Crafts for over 5 years. This job would lead to a fabulous opportunity to bring my creative ideas to a larger audience. I became a recurring guest with my segment 'Holly Peppin Crafts' on Denver's Channel 9 Colorado & Company, and Channel 7's Mile High Living. I also had a spot on Fox News 31's Good Day Colorado and Channel 2.


I eventually parted ways with retail, and ventured out on my own with Painthappy Designs. And now I'm bringing all my goodies to YOU! I absolutely LOVE giving people inspiration and the confidence to tackle a project on their own- but if not, I am here to help!

My entire life has been based on creating. Whether it be crafting, designing, painting, gardening, or planning an event. It is the air that I breathe! Whatever I am doing, my only hope is that it leaves someone smiling every time they look at it.

Let's create some magic!

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